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Backcountry Access


The BC Selkirk Mountains, with their huge annual snowfall of light, dry powder, are a mecca for backcountry enthusiasts.  Nestled within these mountains is Whitewater Ski Resort, and with a base elevation of 1,626m (5,333 ft), we are able to offer up some of the best lift access backcountry on the planet. Whitewater Ski Resort - Ski BC Powder!

The supernatural backcountry surrounding Whitewater Ski Resort is a place for adventure, peace and above all - RESPECT.  Before venturing beyond the ski area boundaries Whitewater management strongly recommends all skiers and snowboarders be equipped with a transceiver, probe and shovel, and be educated in backcountry knowledge and up-to-date avalanche conditions. Take the time to practice your beacon knowledge at Whitewater's Beacon Basin, located just steps away from the lodge. Check in with our Snow Safety Patrol before you leave.  Be aware that man-made and natural hazards exist; these include tree-wells, stumps, cliff bands, rocks, trails and roadways.  These rules are absolute: CLOSED MEANS CLOSED.  Beyond the ski area boundary is not patrolled.  If you require a rescue beyond the ski area boundary, you pay the entire bill.  If you do not have the knowledge or skills to go into the backcountry, before heading out there it is highly recommended that you take an Avalanche Course from a certified Avalanche Professional. It is important that you look into the certification and experience of the instructor, to ensure that you are getting quality instruction. Whitewater also offers a Whitewater Backcountry 101 program which is an educational program that covers the knowledge, equipment and skills required to travel in the backcountry while showcasing the expansive backcountry routes available from Whitewater Ski Resort. 

If you are guiding or teaching an AST course, and your program requires lift use, please contact Whitewater to provide proof of insurance. We can be reached by telephone at 250-354-4944 or by email at info@skiwhitewater.com   

While the resort is closed, please take heed of our Off Season Policy.


Whitewater Ski Resort - Ski BC Powder

 This sign means that you are leaving the ski area boundary and there is no avalanche control or first aid.




The ski resort is closed. During the resorts off season recreational vehicles (snowmobiles, ATVs, dirt bikes), sledding, tobogganing and tubing are NOT PERMITTED within the ski area boundary. Hiking and touring is NOT RECOMMENDED as a variety of natural and manmade hazards exist such as avalanches, heavy duty equipment, lift maintenance, etc. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK.
With Whitewater as the tenure holder we hold the right to restrict access to the operational area for reasons of safety to our staff, guests and public. Those that do not respect closures will be reported to the RCMP for trespassin


Once the resort is open for the season, there will be no sledding, tobogganing, tubing and hiking or ski touring allowed within the Whitewater Ski Area boundary before, during or after operating hours through to our final day of operationsThis is due to avalanche and other operational hazards.
For lift access to the backcountry within the season and during operation hours, single ride lift tickets are available at the Guest  Services desk in the lodge.  You will be required to sign a backcountry waiver.  All other hiking/touring must be done outside our ski area boundary.  Skiing/snowboarding privileges will be suspended if this policy is not respected.

If you are wanting to explore the incredible backcountry at Whitewater Ski Resort and are unfamilar with the terrain the best way to explore is with a guide who knows the area. Check out the local guiding companies available in Nelson, BC, talk to Snow Safety about the Discover Whitewater Backcountry program or head over to Backcountry Skiing Canada to purchase the West Kootenay Ski Touring Guide Book. 

To park and hike into the backcountry, information on recommended ascent routes outside the ski area boundary are posted on the wall in the main foyer of the Day Lodge in the avalanche information cabinet, and are outlined on the map below.  Please note if you are skiing/riding down after operational hours you are required to take the ascent route down. 

Ski Area Boundaries

Before heading into the backcountry ask yourself and your sking/riding partners the following:

Whitewater Ski Resort - Ski BC Powder

  1. Do we have knowledge of Avalanche terrain and phenomena?
  2. Do we have the necessary rescue and safety equipment and the skills to use them?
  3. Do we have a competent partner?
  4. Do we have a map/compass and skills to use it in all weather conditions?
  5. Did we get a weather forecast? (past and future)
  6. Are we prepared to do our own rescue?
  7. Have I talked to locals or the Snow Safety Staff about the area and conditions?                          

If you cannot answer YES to all seven of these questions you should stay in the ski area boundary!   
For more information on Avalanche conditions, please visit Avalanche Canada.  

Take advantage of our BCA Beacon Training Park before you head out. It's a great way to access your team, practice your skills and to be prepared before you head out! 

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"There aren't many places in BC that capture the spirit of outdoor enthusiasts much like Whitewater Ski Resort. Unless you experience it for yourself there is no way to accurately describe the atmosphere in this area. It's a throwback to when skiing was pure and intense, when skiers were interested in skiing instead of commercialized resorts "
Dinger - Spokane WA
Whitewater Winter Resort, British Columbia Skiing