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Imagine yourself in a world of white, gazing up at Ymir Peak... so majestic it takes your breath away. The snow so light and fluffy that the word "powder" just isn't good enough. It's like a dream...a postcard from a magical place that people can only imagine. Just think: this could be your office!

Are you interested in a career in the ski resort industry? Nelson is home to Selkirk College which has a program that might be just what you are looking for...The Ski Resort Operations and Management 

Program (SROAM) at Selkirk College provides education and training in ski industry subjects for students who desire careers in the ski and snowboard industry. The curriculum contains specific industry course content not commonly available at post-secondary educational institutions. To learn more about The SROAM program please visit their website and their Facebook page.

Current job openings: We are currently updating our employment information for the 2014/2015 winter season - check back soon for updates. 

All applicants for all departments and positions are required to submit a cover letter with their resume as well as complete the Whitewater application form.  

If you are applying for a position in our Snow School department as a Ski or Snowboard Instructor please send your cover letter & resume to our Snow School Director, Brent Malysh, brent@skiwhitewater.com. Please note he will not be responding to applications until September 2, 2014. 

For all other postions and application inquires, please email your cover letter & resume to Amanda Verigin at amanda.igs@skiwhitewater.com or bring them by our downtown office at 602 Lake Street,  Nelson, B.C.


For more information regarding employment, job descriptions, living in Nelson please click through the following links:

Job Descriptions

How to Apply

Working at Whitewater & Employee Benefits

Foreign Workers

Living In Nelson

Job Descriptions

All positions available require individuals with excellent customer service qualities.

As you can well imagine, we get thousands of applicants every season, and will not be able to respond to every single email. Please ensure that your details are concise, and that you are applying for a position where you have experience or a clearly defined enthusiasm for the job. The jobs listed below will begin in December 2013 and end in April 2014. Interviews will start in late August.

Note: Our annual Job Fair will be held on October 24, 2013.  Only successful applicants from pre-screening interviews will be invited to the Job Fair. The same applies to positions filled following the Job Fair. We will continue to interview successful applicants until we have filled the positions listed above to round out our teams for the 2013-14 season.


All postions are filled.


Ski Patrol - Responsible for providing first aid for our Guests and Staff, coverage of mountain safety for our Guests and Staff, assist in risk management within our ski area boundary to reduce and/or make aware the hazards to skiers/boarders, developing and participating in avalanche control, risk management, rescues, serious accident reports, disaster plans and first aid procedures, chair lift evacuations and self-evacuations, maintenance of ski runs, fence lines, and equipment, morning and afternoon sweep, public education and policing of ski area, record keeping for avalanche control, inventories, first aid and accident investigation reports.
Minimum Qualifications - Occupational First Aid Level III or 80 hour Advanced First Aid, current CPR, advanced skiing ability, CAA Avalanche Operations Level I.

Volunteer Ski Patrol - 18 days in exchange for Season’s Pass.
Minimum Qualifications - Avalanche Skills Training Level 1 & Occupational First Aid Level III or 80 hour Advanced First Aid.

Our Image: At Whitewater, we welcome applicants from all over the world! To ensure our level of service, all of our employees are required to maintain a professional image and maintain that standard throughout the season.

How to Apply:

Navigate around this page for information on working, living, getting a visa and any other information that pertains to you.  Read through the job descriptions and choose the ones that look like a good match to your skills and personality.  Remember that Whitewater chooses applicants that are committed to quality guest service and are above all, friendly and personable. 

When you have selected the jobs that interest you, print and fill out our application form.  Please write down all the information you think we need to appreciate what a great candidate you really are! We are happy to consider you for up to three different possible positions, if you are so interested, and thus increasing your potential chances of obtaining a job with Whitewater.

*Please note that when job descriptions ask for specific experience or qualifications, you must have those requirements to be considered for that job.*

**Resumes and cover letters can be sent via email to info@skiwhitewater.com, or dropped off at our downtown office, or faxed to 250-354-4988**

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing you on the hill this season!

Working at Whitewater: 

Welcome to the magical place of Whitewater Ski Resort. Located just outside of beautiful Nelson, B.C., Whitewater is named one of the top snowiest mountains in the world with an average snowfall of 40 feet per season. Our full service lodge provides our guests with excellent service in many areas including: a rental and repair shop, retail shop, guest services area, and our award winning restaurant, pub and espresso bar. To keep all of these areas running smoothly, we depend on our great staff! Renowned for enthusiastic, motivated and passionate staff, we are always seeking the best and brightest people in the industry. We realize that our staff are the most important assets in achieving our goal: To provide our guests with the most enjoyable, recreational experience possible. When hiring, we look for people who are dedicated to assuring that this commitment is fulfilled!

Employee Benefits:

For all of our full time employees who work the entire season, we offer a free season pass that allows free access to the amazing powder Whitewater has to offer. For part time and/or staff that do not work the entire season, we offer a discount on our season pass depending on hours worked. In addition to the complimentary pass, we also offer discounts in our retail shop, rental shop, snow school, and restaurant. Whitewater also offers an affordable staff shuttle that runs daily between the ski hill and Nelson.

Foreign Workers at Whitewater:  

In order to work at Whitewater you must be a Canadian citizen or have a valid Canadian Visa and Work Permit.  All foreign workers must show their Visa, Work Permit, Canadian Social Insurance Number and/or proof that you have applied for the Social Insurance Number.  Please note that Whitewater Ski Resort does not give out letters of offer for foreign workers.

To help you apply to work in Canada go to the following links:

For a general Canadian Visa Information go to: http://www.cic.gc.ca/

Further information for holiday working visa's and working abroad check out:



Living in Nelson, B.C. :

Nelson is a small arts and culture community that is located in the West Kootenay Region of British Columbia. The town is situated on the west arm of Kootenay Lake and is named the Queen's City due to the stunning lake and mountain views and the beautiful heritage buildings that line the streets. Nelson is a winter mecca that offers amazing Alpine and Nordic skiing as well as a vibrant community filled with eclectic restaurants, bars, pubs, and museums. The summer offers excellent water sports, mountain biking, and festivals. For more information on accommodation, check out the following websites:

Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce


Nelson Community Website


NetIdea Classifieds


Accommodation:  Whitewater does not offer any on site accommodations, so most employees choose to live in Nelson. Whitewater does offer a daily shuttle at a minimal cost to employees, which stops at three different locations in town.

The average cost of shared accommodation in Nelson ranges between $300 and $500 for a rented apartment or house. Housing is sometimes limited so we do recommend finding accommodations prior to the season opening.

Whitewater's winter season will start at the beginning of December weather permitting. We will do everything we can to get all of our staff working, as soon as possible. Please be financially prepared if Mother Nature is a little bit late with her snow delivery for the season.


"Whitewater is the capital of the Powder Highway of BC."
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