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Imagine yourself in a world of white, gazing up at Ymir Peak... so majestic it takes your breath away. The snow so light and fluffy that the word "powder" just isn't good enough. It's like a dream...a postcard from a magical place that most people can only imagine. Just think: this could be your office!


Welcome to the magical place of Whitewater Ski Resort. Located just outside of beautiful Nelson, B.C., Whitewater is named one of the top powder mountains in the world with an average snowfall of 12 metres/40 feet per season. Renowned for enthusiastic, motivated and passionate staff, we are always seeking the best and brightest people in the industry. We realize that our staff are the most important assets in achieving our goal: To provide our guests with the most enjoyable recreational experience possible. When hiring, we look for people who are dedicated to assuring that this commitment is fulfilled! 

All applicants for all departments and positions are required to submit a cover letter with their resume as well as complete the Whitewater application formPlease make sure you download the application form and save it to your desktop before you fill it out so all the information is properly saved to the document when you email it through.    

If you are applying for a position in our Snow School department as a Ski or Snowboard Professional please send your cover letter & resume to snowschool@skiwhitewater.com.

For all other postions and application inquires, please email your application form, cover letter & resume to hr@skiwhitewater.com or bring them by our downtown office at 602 Lake Street, Nelson, B.C.

Happy Employees

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Job Descriptions

All positions available require individuals with excellent guest service qualities.

Please ensure that your details are concise, and that you are applying for a position where you have experience or a clearly defined enthusiasm for the job. 

Loader Operator

Work Term: Seasonal

Reports to: Grooming Supervisor / Outdoor Operations Manager

Job Description
As the Loader Operator at Whitewater it is your responsibility to operate a Caterpillar 966C Loader to clear and maintain all parking lots.  The parking lots play a vital role in the smooth day to day operations at Whitewater.  This role is critical in ensuring staff and guests have safe and easy access to the ski area.  The role is a night shift position which is weather dependant and will alternate between 4 shifts one week and 3 shifts the next. You will also provide support to the snow cat operator working in isolation and during this period you will be in training as a snowcat operator.

Summary of Responsibilities

  • Pre & post run inspections on loader
  • Clear all five main parking lots sufficiently to allow 2 wheel drive passenger vehicle access from the YRB maintained Whitewater road to all main facilities at Whitewater
  • Level and maintain snow banks within all parking lots
  • Perform light maintenance duties on loader and detail/report any major issues to Heavy Duty Equipment Supervisor in a timely fashion
  • Ensure safe operating procedures
  • Other duties as assigned

Qualifications/ Requirements

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Valid BC drivers license
  • Air brakes ticket
  • Previous heavy duty equipment operation experience, preferably in a loader
  • 4 wheel drive vehicle with good winter tires and a comfort driving in extreme winter conditions
  • Ability to work weekends and holidays
  • Ability to ski or board the runs to be groomed and a good level of physcial fitness


AVAILABLE POSITIONS FOR WINTER 2016/2017: The jobs listed below are seasonal and will begin in December 2016 and end in April 2017.



Your primary goal is to provide quality baking and food service in order to help ensure that our guests have an enjoyable and memorable experience in our café Responsible for opening procedures of the cafeteria, daily baking according to predicted volumes and prep cooking when needed, recipe suggestions and ideas, food safe practice.

Minimum Qualifications - 2 years baking experience, Food Safe Certificate, own a reliable vehicle.

Line Cook
Responsible for maintaining overall continuous food production in a safe and timely fashion. Sufficient completion of daily prep list & line set up, friendly and efficient service while working on line serving the public.

Minimum Qualifications: 1 year experience in restaurant or cafeteria and Food Safe Level 1.

Morning Gourmet Sandwhich Maker
Responsible for making daily gourmet grab and go sandwiches. Must be creative and have basic knowledge of making spreads and sauces. Applicants should be organized, efficient, and able to complete tasks in a timely fashion in a high paced environment.  The shift starts at 6:30am therefore your own transportation to the mountain will be required.

Minimum Qualifications: 1 year restaurant experience and Food Safe Level 1

Breakfast Cook
Responsible for cooking breakfast in a fast, efficient manner while multi-taking orders.  Ability to cook all styles of eggs and  daily omelet specials. This position flips into the deli for lunch service. This shift starts at 7:00am therefore your own transportation to the mountain will be required.

Minimum Qualifications: 2 years previous line cook experience, including breakfast experience and Food Safe Level 1.

Daily tasks include clearing tables, laundry, restocking, keeping overall cleanliness of cafeteria and bar area.

Minimum Qualifications: Experience and Serving It Right considered an asset. Must be organized and self motivated.

Responsible for ensuring dishes and kitchen wares get washed and sanitized in a timely fashion.

Minimum Qualifications: Must be an organized and efficient worker, have experience working in a fast paced environment.  Previous experience considered an asset.   

Gaia - Line Cook  

Indoor Guest Services
In this position you will be the main liaison on the mountain for guests and as part of providing a fun and positive environment for staff and guests alike, you will be a knowledge expert for Whitewater facilities, events and terrain as well as an important information resource for Nelson and the surrounding area. You are responsible for enhancing the quality of our guests’ experience on the mountain.  

Your day will include; selling day tickets, season passes and taking guests' food and beverage orders, validating tickets and passes at the base of the chair lifts, daily cash outs and reconciliations, tracking and returning lost and found, assisting in bussing the cafeteria seating area, typing, administration and other duties as assigned. 

Minimum Qualifications: Good people and communication skills, Serving it Right certification, computer and cash handling experience.  Previous Guest Services experience an asset. 

Retail Representative
In this role you will assist guests with their retail purchases at Whitewater.  Whether purchasing new gear for themselves or souvenirs of their trip to Whitewater you will help them pick what's best for them using specific product knowledge and excellent customer service.  Along with guest service in the retail shop your responsibilities will include store displays, inventory management, re-stocking and keeping the store looking fresh and new by rotating products.  

Minimum Qualifications: Good people and communcation skills, professional attitude, computer and cash handling experience.  Previous retail experience an asset. 

Rental Technician
Responsible for inspection and maintenance of rental bindings, skis/snowboards and boots.  You will ensure proper fitting and adjustment of rental equipment, both skis and snowboards, for individual guests, groups and school groups. You will also tune up, wax and edge guest skis and snowboards.  Processing transactions and completing accurate daily cash outs are included in this role.

Minimum Qualifications: Computer and cash handling experience. Previous rental experience an asset.

Steve - Rental Tech

Barista in Freshies Coffee Bar
Providing high quality, friendly, and efficient service by mixing and serving hot beverages and prepared snacks to guests, keeping a clean, organized and safe working environment, cash handling and balancing cash outs.

Minimum Qualifications: Barista experience, computer and cash handling experience considered an asset. 

Night Janitor

Responsible for cleaning the main lodge after hours.  You will need to work at a fast pace and maintain a high standard of cleaning.  This job is physically demanding and will require you to be able to lift 50lbs. There will be a required criminal record check before you officially sign the employment contract.  Must be reliable and have excellent references.  As this shift is a night shift, you will need a 4x4 vehicle or a very reliable and safe vehicle and be comfortable in extreme winter driving conditions. We are looking for a self starter who is able to work alone.

Minimum Qualifications: Previous experience in janitorial work and basic chemical knowledge required.


Lift Operator
Responsible for safe loading and unloading of passengers on the lifts, snow maintenance, maze set-up and a number of other duties to help ensure our guests have a safe and enjoyable visit.

Minimum Qualifications: - Physically fit, strong back, apptitude for guest service and a true enjoyment of the outdoors.
All positions have been filled for the 2016-2017 season. 

Outdoor Guest Services Representative
Responsible for parking, snow removal around buildings, ticket scanner breaks, and a number of other duties to help ensure our Guests have a safe and enjoyable visit. Your on-going personal interaction with our Guests will foster a friendly relationship that they will look forward to renewing each time up the chairlift or on their next visit.

Minimum Qualifications: Physically fit, strong back, guest service experience an asset.
All positions have been filled for the 2016-2017 season. 

Snow School Professional
As a Snow School Pro, you are counted on for the enhancement of the quality of our guests’ skiing day. You are responsible for teaching skiing, snowboarding, and/or telemark skiing lessons in a professional, thorough manner in accordance with the standards set forth by the CSIA/CASI and Whitewater Ski Resort.  You will also be performing a number of other duties to help ensure our guests have a safe and enjoyable visit. Your personal interaction with our guests will foster a friendly relationship that they will look forward to renewing each time they return to Whitewater.

Minimum Qualificatons: CSIA, CASI, CSCF, or CANSI Level 1 certification, with dues paid in full for the current season.
Ski School 

Mountain Host

As a Mountain Host, you are responsible for the enhancement of the quality of our guests’ skiing day. You will lead mountain tours in a professional, thorough manner while performing a number of other duties to help ensure our guests have a safe and enjoyable visit. Your personal interaction with our guests will foster a friendly relationship that they will look forward to renewing each time they return to Whitewater. 

Minimum Qualificatons: We are looking for individuals who know Whitewater's terrain, are at an intermediate/advanced skiing/riding ability, are friendly, outgoing and who have been passholders at Whitewater for a minimum of 5 years.  This is a volunteer position which includes a season pass along with other benefits and requires a minimum commitment of 21 shifts over the season.
All positions have been filled for the 2016-2017 season.

Ski Patrol - All PRO PATROL positions have been filled for the 2016/17 season. 
Responsible for providing first aid for our Guests and Staff, coverage of mountain safety for our Guests and Staff, assist in risk management within our ski area boundary to reduce and/or make aware the hazards to skiers/boarders, developing and participating in avalanche control, risk management, rescues, serious accident reports, disaster plans and first aid procedures, chair lift evacuations and self-evacuations, maintenance of ski runs, fence lines, and equipment, morning and afternoon sweep, public education and policing of ski area, record keeping for avalanche control, inventories, first aid and accident investigation reports.

Minimum Qualifications: Occupational First Aid Level III or 80 hour Advanced First Aid, current CPR, advanced skiing ability, CAA Avalanche Operations Level I.

Avalanche Technician
As an Avalanche Technician you are responsible for skier and employee safety on the mountain, assisting in risk management and general mountain safety to eliminate or reduce hazards.  In this position you can expect to; conduct risk management within our area boundary to reduce and/or make guests and staff aware of risks and potential hazards, provide a daily avalanche hazard analysis/assessment, Infoex submissions and documentation of control work, work on avalanche forecasting and control work to minimize avalanche hazard within our area boundary as well as regular ski patrol duties as required. 

Minimum Qualifications: CAA Level 2 Professional Member, WSBC Blasting Ticket, 80 hour advanced first aid (OFA 3 or NUEC preferred), AST instructing certification considered an asset. 

For more information on this position, or to apply with a cover letter and resume, please email our Snow Safety Supervisor, Wren McElroy.
Avalanche Tech

Volunteer Ski Patrol
Responsible for providing first aid to injured guests and staff. Responsibilities also include assisting in risk management and general mountain safety in order to reduce or eliminate hazards. Further roles of team members are to participate in avalanche control procedures, lift evacuations and search and rescue operations.  The volunteer program is a mentorship plan for new patrollers. Volunteers will be given the opportunity to shadow an experienced patroller for 4 days in order to maximize orientation and learning the different patroller tasks and responsibilities.

19 volunteer days in exchange for Season’s Pass and additional staff benefits.

Minimum Qualifications: Avalanche Skills Training Level 1 & Occupational First Aid Level III or 80 hour Advanced First Aid.

Radio Dispatch

Radio dispatch provides the communication link between all departments on the mountain. The radio dispatch is responsible for all radio transmissions, receiving and responding to initial injuries, and monitoring safety procedures for personnel. The most important responsibility of a Whitewater radio dispatcher is to act as an accurate scribe for all snow safety operations.  The radio dispatcher must remain calm in high stress situations in order to ensure all necessary information is obtained and documented in a clear and concise manner.
The following skill set is highly beneficial for the position; attention to detail, clear communication skills, situational awareness, project management. 

Minimum Qualifications: Proficiency with Microsoft Office Programs, typing Speed at least 40 wpm.  Previous dispatch experience, first aid training and knowledge of Whitewater terrain considered an asset

How to Apply:

We are looking for applicants who are as passionate about Whitewater and our guests as we are!  Below is some information on how to apply at Whitewater as well as the Whitewater appearance policy.

Once you have read through the available job descriptions, select the top three positions you feel best match your skill set and personality and complete our application form.  Submit the application form along with your application form, cover letter, resume and references to hr@skiwhitewater.com or stop by our downtown office at 602 Lake Street in Nelson B.C.  Please make sure you download the application form and save it to your desktop before you fill it out so all the information is properly saved to the document when you email it through.  

*Please note: specific experience or qualifications noted in a job description are requirements of that position and as such, you must meet those requirements in order to be considered for the position.  Due to the large volume of applications we receive in a year we will only be responding to those who are invited to interview for their position.*

In keeping with the high standard of guest service we have established, Whitewater has a policy that all employees maintain a professional appearance throughout the season.  The appearance policy is as follows;
  • You must be clean shaven every day. If you already have established facial hair such as a, moustache, beard, and/or sideburns they are to be clean and neatly trimmed at all times.
  • Hair must be clean and neatly groomed.  For men, hair left down should be behind the ears and no longer than collar length in the back.  Men with hair longer than collar length need to ensure it is neatly pulled back and tucked under toques or jackets.  For women, long hair should be neatly tied back.  Dread-locks are unacceptable for male and female alike, as well as any colour other than natural tones.
  • Jewellery must be worn in moderation, in good taste and must not interfere with job function or safety.  Tongue piercings are limited to one small stud which must not impede speech and is not easily apparent to guests.  Facial piercings are limited to one small nose stud and all other facial jewellery or exposed body piercings must be removed or covered while on the job.  Spacers in the ears are acceptable to a maximum of 0.5cms (5mm) in width.
  • Any tattoos that could reasonably offend a guest or fellow employee must be covered at all times while at work.

If you are offered a position with Whitewater, you will need to meet the standards outlined in the policy from the time you come in to sign your employment contract through to the last day of the season (or whatever your last day of employment would be)

Employee Benefits:

For all of our full and part time employees who work the entire season, we offer a free season pass that allows free access to the amazing powder Whitewater has to offer. In addition to the complimentary pass, we also offer complimentary and discounted lift tickets for your friends and family as well as discounts for employees in our retail shop, rental shop, snow school, and restaurants. Whitewater also offers an affordable staff shuttle that runs daily between the ski hill and Nelson.

Foreign Workers at Whitewater:  

In order to work at Whitewater you must be a Canadian citizen or have a valid Canadian Visa and Work Permit.  All foreign workers must show their Visa, Work Permit, Canadian Social Insurance Number and/or proof that you have applied for the Social Insurance Number.  Please note that Whitewater Ski Resort does not give out letters of offer for foreign workers.

To help you apply to work in Canada go to the following links:

For a general Canadian Visa Information go to: http://www.cic.gc.ca/

Living in Nelson, B.C. :

Nelson is a small arts and culture community that is located in the West Kootenay Region of British Columbia. The town is situated on the west arm of Kootenay Lake and is named the Queen's City due to the stunning lake and mountain views and the beautiful heritage buildings that line the streets. Nelson is a winter mecca that offers amazing Alpine and Nordic skiing as well as a vibrant community filled with eclectic restaurants, bars, pubs, and museums. The summer offers excellent water sports, mountain biking, and festivals. For more information on accommodation, check out the following websites:

Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce


Nelson Community Website


Accommodation:  Whitewater does not offer any on site accommodations, so most employees choose to live in Nelson. Whitewater does offer a daily shuttle at a minimal cost to employees, which stops at three different locations in town.

Whitewater's winter season will start at the beginning of December weather permitting. We will do everything we can to get all of our staff working, as soon as possible. Please be financially prepared if Mother Nature is a little bit late with her snow delivery for the season.


"There aren't many places in BC that capture the spirit of outdoor enthusiasts much like Whitewater Ski Resort. Unless you experience it for yourself there is no way to accurately describe the atmosphere in this area. It's a throwback to when skiing was pure and intense, when skiers were interested in skiing instead of commercialized resorts "
Dinger - Spokane WA
Doug LePage on the snow