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Mountain Policies


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Whitewater Ski Resort works hard to keep a safe skiing and riding environment for all of its guests.  All guests must be aware of the Alpine Responsibilty Code as these are the rules of the mountain. 

For those of our guests that choose to go touring, please ensure you are aware of both our In Bounds Touring Policy and your Backcountry Responsibilities.  If you want to practice your skills searching, Whitewater offers a complimentary Beacon Training Park.

For those guests that enjoy our Rail Park, make sure to know the policies and rules of use.  For more information click here.

Thinking of visiting us but bringing an alternative sliding device then your skis or snowboard?  Make sure to check out our Alternative Sliding Device Policy.

To read about our 'Disabled Skier Policy', click here.

When visiting Whitewater Ski Resort you will see a variety of signs around the mountain, please ensure to read and look at them so you are familiar.  They are for your safety!!  Click here to see a list.

Looking to Camp/RV up at Whitewater to ensure first tracks? Read more here. Whitewater also has a strict Open Container Policy, please make sure you read this before your arrival.

DRONE POLICY is as follows: Out of safety concerns for guests, employees, and resort property, as well as concerns for individual privacy, Whitewater prohibits the operation or use of unmanned aerial systems, or drones, by staff or the public.  This includes drones used for filming as well as any drone use by media or journalists operating above or within Whitewater’s ski area boundary.  This includes any drones launched or operated from within the ski area boundary as well as drones launched from outside the ski area boundary but flown in.   

Whitewater offers overnight parking/camping/RVing in a designated lot in the base area. The cost is $20.00 per night with electrical hook-ups, (note: very limited electrical hookups are available). All electrical hook ups are run on a first come, first serve basis. If you do not require electrical hook-ups, and camping setting up the old fashion way, the cost is $10.00 per night. We ask that when you arrive at the mountain, that you please check in with Guest Services in the Lodge. Guest Services staff will make sure to direct you to the correct overnight lot, and will make sure you have necessary power hookup. Whitewater does not offer sewage hook-ups or water. Restrooms are open in the day lodge from 8 am-5 pm daily during the operating season. In the event Whitewater is expecting a heavy snowfall, campers may be asked to move to a different spot in the lot periodically to allow for proper snow removal.  Please note overnight camping at the Glory Ridge parking lot is not permitted. Happy Camping!

Alcohol consumption outside of the licensed areas within the Whitewater resort property, including outdoors, is strictly prohibited.  Bringing your own personal alcohol for consuption anywhere on resort property is not allowed.  



Once Whitewater Ski Resort is open for the season, there will be no hiking or ski touring allowed within the Whitewater Ski Area boundary before, during or after operating hours.  This is due to avalanche and other operational hazards.  Information on recommended routes outside the ski area boundary are posted on the wall in the main foyer of the Day Lodge in the avalanche information cabinet.
Single ride lift tickets are available during operating hours to access the Whitewater backcountry.  All other hiking/touring must be done outside our ski area boundary.  Skiing/snowboarding privileges will be suspended if this policy is not respected. For more information visit our Backcountry Access at WH2O page. 

No tobogganing

Whitewater Ski Resort requests that all alternative sliding devices like snow bikes and snow skates require prior approval/inspection from Whitewater staff prior to lift ticket purchase or terrain access via our lift system.  All riders must be able to demonstrate knowledge of previous riding competency and/or certification for safe use of lifts and responsible riding etiquette with regards to the Alpine Responsibility Code.  Safety leashes and foot straps or skis with metal edges are required.  No foot passengers are allowed on Whitewater's lift system without prior approval.  Sledding, Sliding, Toboganning and Tubing are not permitted withing the Ski Resort Boundary.  For further inquiries please contact Whitewater Ski Resort at info@skiwhitewater.com or 250-354-4944.


Whitewater Ski Resort - Ski BC Powder


This sign means that you are leaving the ski area boundary and there is no avalanche control or first aid.


Whitewater Ski Resort - Ski BC Powder


This sign on the left indicates the area is temporarily closed while avalanche control is underway or while avalanche hazards exist. Disobeying this sign will result in suspension of skiing/riding privileges. The sign on the right means you are entering an open avalanche area inside the ski area boundary. Proceed with caution

Whitewater Ski Resort - Ski BC Powder


Pay careful attention to the probable effects of an act, in order that failure or harm may be avoided; prudence in regard to danger; Be prepared for the unexpected, or a warning about a change in terrain, or trail intersection.

Whitewater Ski Resort - Ski BC Powder


If this sign reads OPEN then access is allowed anywhere along the ropeline.  If this sign reads CLOSED then access along ropeline is not permitted, patrol sweep has commenced or the area is closed until safe to open by ski patrol.  Passes/tickets will be revoked for breach.

Whitewater Ski Resort - Ski BC PowderWINCH CAT WORKING

When you see this sign, DO NOT ENTER, as there now is a winch cat operating in the area...be VERY CAREFUL!!!

Whitewater Ski Resort - Ski BC Powder


Area is now closed for patol sweep, no avalanche control or first aid is available when closed.

Whitewater Ski Resort - Ski BC PowderHELMETS are recommended for SKIING & RIDING at Whitewater !!!



Whitewater Ski Resort - Ski BC Powder


 Snowmobile Route 

When you see these signs, this is a designated snowmobile route, so be aware.

"There aren't many places in BC that capture the spirit of outdoor enthusiasts much like Whitewater Ski Resort. Unless you experience it for yourself there is no way to accurately describe the atmosphere in this area. It's a throwback to when skiing was pure and intense, when skiers were interested in skiing instead of commercialized resorts "
Dinger - Spokane WA
Whitewater Ski Resort, British Columbia